The Energizing America Podcast

EP 08: How to become a Wescommer w/ Jon Hiivala

Episode Summary

Jon Hiivala is the Human Resources Coordinator at Wescom Inc and came onboard during the middle of COVID in 2020. Jon was previously working in the mines of Northern Minnesota. For years Jon would make the long commute up the shore to work each day. During those drives he started listening to podcasts and talks about leadership, business, and culture. As his passion for people started to grow, Jon began to wonder if he was in the right job. After seeing a billboard that read "Energizing America", Jon knew it was time to investigate a new direction. In this episode, Jon opens up about his transition to working at Wescom, and explains what exactly it takes to become a Wescommer. For more from Jon, make to sure follow along on his LinkedIn page. Visit us online at