The Energizing America Podcast

EP 30: Who are the People in the Dirt World? Benjamin Holmgren Part 2

Episode Summary

This is part 2 of our conversation with Benjamin Holmgren of BuildWitt. It was a real treat to sit down with Benjamin Holmgren, the Chief Customer Officer at BuildWitt. If you follow his company on social media you'll know they've created a blue collar movement around excevation and dirt companies across the company. What started with photography and web design has led to the launch of a brand new platform called "BuildWitt Training" that will be launching this month. Benjamin and I go back a few years when we connected in the early Wescom days. His reputation precedes itself and I think you will really enjoy our conversation about his passion for people and why BuildWitt is much more than building a cool company. Much of the mission at BuildWitt really resonates with us at Wescom as we attempt to bring a similar passion and leadership to our own energy industry. For more info on Benjamin and his work visit him on Linkedin or go to For more info on our company and to learn how we're Energizing America visit